Yoni Markhoff, Esq.

Yoni Markhoff graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelors Degree as well as a Masters of Education. He taught high school US History and US Government in Virginia while also earning his Masters of Business Administration from The College of William and Mary. Yoni spent 10 years as a commercial banker in Virginia and Texas. Yoni earned his law degree from South Texas College Law in Houston, TX while working full time as a commercial banker.


Yoni’s life long passion of helping people coupled with his unique skill set of educating people, business finance, and the law found an outlet in operating a law firm focused on helping seniors obtain Medicaid, and helping families plan for their futures through Estate Planning.


Yoni serves on various committees and organizations, including President of The Broward Coalition on Aging, co-founder of The Miami Dade Coalition on Aging, both non profits whose focus is on the quality of life improvement for seniors in Broward and Miami, Chairperson of the Advisory Executive Committee of  The Miami Dade Alliance for Aging, the organization that process Medicaid applications in Miami for the State of Florida, Board of Directors National Association Insurance and Financial Advisors Broward Chapter,  and Chair of the Executive Board Member of Miami Dade School Board Committee on Small Business Procurement.

Yoni enjoys bike riding with his two kids, sailing, and spending quality time with his two kids; especially at birthday parties where pizza and cake is served.