Low Cost Medicaid Applications

Recently a potential client became a client due to a Medicaid Application non lawyer company. These companies are not attorneys, and can not provide legal advice; even if they could, they generally do not know the law well enough to actually assist their clients.

A had spoken with a potential client few months ago in regards to a Medicaid Application for his father. The father had very few assets, but among them was a homestead. The client did not like my pricing, which I heavily research to make sure I charge market rates. Instead, the client found a non lawyer service to do the medicaid application for $1200. Unfortunately, the service did not inform the client of Medicaid Estate Recovery and how the homestead of the father will not go to the client and his brother, rather to Florida Medicaid to reimburse for its expenses. I ran into the client at Publix and he told me that he got a company to do the Medicaid application for half the price. The client hired me to fix this problem.

When you are dealing with Medicaid, there are not any shortcuts. Is it really worth saving $1300 for the application and seriously risk losing the home inheritance? Probably not.

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