Divorce and Wills

I am often amazed how some Family Attorneys (Divorce lawyers) commit near malpractice by not informing their clients of the need to update their clients’ Wills during a divorce. The reason is that since the client has spent thousands of dollars, energy, and untold emotion “divorcing” themselves from their spouses, they leave behind a “string” that also needs to be severed; yet most family attorneys do not inform their clients of this need.

When a person divorces, their then existing Will remains in place and effect. Meaning, even after a divorce the client MUST update their Will if they do not want their now ex-spouse to inherit their assets from the Will. As incredible as this sounds, it is how things operate. The issue is the “intent” of the individual that the Will demonstrates, and since the client has passed away we can not ask that person of their intent, only look to their Will. So if the Will is not updated, then their assets would be distributed according to their Will.

If you do not want to fall into this incredible trap, update your Will. We do not charge much for our Wills, in fact we compete on price with Legal Zoom, so give us a call for a free consultation.

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