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Applying for Medicaid

If You are a Senior over 65 years of age and Need to Apply for Medicaid Call Us for a Free Consultation. We can assess your assets and income, provide you with Medicaid Spend Down Strategies, discuss with you our services, and provide a guaranteed price for our services.  That is Medicaid Planning. 

We do the application for you. If you are thinking that you can do the application yourself, you should know that the average application takes two years until approval, there are currently 10,000 pending applications in Miami alone, and you will become frustrated. Allow our experience help you get your application approved much faster. 

If you are facing the need for Long Term Care, call us for a free consultation. Long Term Care is home based health care, to allow you to “age in place”, in an Assisted Living Facility, or a Nursing Home. Medicare will NOT pay for Long Term Care!! Medicare will pay for up to 100 days in a facility, and then you are on your own. Hopefully you have Long Term Care insurance that will help pay for your care needs. If not, then you will either have to “self pay” from your savings, or apply for Medicaid.

  • Medicaid will pay for up to 20 hours of home health if you decide to remain in your home and “age in place”, or up to $1200 monthly for Level of Care at an Assisted Living Facility, or for a Nursing Home.

  • Medicaid has two financial restrictions: a monthly income less than $2250 (including Social Security), and assets of less than $2000 (bank accounts, CD, etc).

  • We create Medicaid strategies with you to allow for you to become Medicaid eligible.  We help you create a legacy with your assets for your loved ones.

Critical Tip: Do NOT gift any property to anyone thinking that this will make you “poor enough” to then apply for Medicaid. This will trigger a penalty period that I can not fix!! This includes placing a family member on the deed to your home, thinking that will solve your Medicaid problem. It will NOT and only make it worse. Let us help you in the process and create a strategy for you.